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Fapws3-11 is out

Despite what said in February, I decide to release a new version of Fapws3 for Python-2.x.

Indeed, thanks to several testors (Blacknoir, Wigunawan) Fapws3 was crashing on some systems.
This was a nasty bug to solve, because I can't reproduce it on my machines.
Since it's sounds ok now, I've decided to still release a last :-) version for those willing to use it on Python-2.x lower than 2.7 (included).

Pypi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/fapws3/0.11.dev
TGZ: https://github.com/william-os4y/fapws3/tarball/v0.11
Github: https://github.com/william-os4y/fapws3/tags

If you permit me, I'm using this communication email to also share the status of the current development's branch: python3.
Indeed, since February, I've still progressed, and one of the main added feature concern the possibility to upload files into a temporary file (no more in memory).
This close the issue of small system (low memory) having to deal with big uploads (bigger than the available memory).

I'm now focusing on testings and documentation.
Indeed, by reading the comments, here and there, on internet about Fapws3, some people are complaining about the poor documentation. I thought that the (big) list of samples would be enough, but ... sounds clear it's not clear as a real documentation.
This is a task on the list since a long time that I have to tackle. So, I'll do it for the Python3 release.
As said by Python developers, this Python3 code is perfectly running on Python2.7.
But the good news is that it has passed all tests on a NetBSD system having python2.6 :-).

All that said, I thanks all contributors having proposed interesting code, patches, tests results, recommendations, ...
(cfr README)

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