william_os4y (william_os4y) wrote,

Release of FAPWS3-0.9

I'm really happy to announce a new release of Fapws3: 0.9.

This release contains several fixes and some interesting new features:
- Avoid a crash in case you forget the "return" command in your callback method
- a better django adaptor (look in the samples)
- a session object which allow you to associate a python object
(typically a dictionary) to a session ID
- a cookie parser (in base.py)
- better management of connections broken by the client
- a new multipart object allowing you to better manage uploads
- a new Html form generator: SimpleForm

Several contributions from lot of people. I would specifically thanks:
- Vincent for the contribution of SimpleForm and Session object
- Maxim for the Django adapter
- Shigin for the broken/slow connections
- Satori for the coding layout/organisation
- ... and several other persons.

I also use this email to present the last performance test's results
I've made to compare Fapws3 and Cherokee+uwsgi.
Both a really close, but Fapws3 eats much less memory. Fapws3 is
amongst the best :-)

Such memory impact was the key element for alarm system on which I've
contributed (funny project).

Lot of work since the last release, but lot of fun and very good collaborations.
Thanks all for that.

For the next release I would like to improve the algorithm of the file upload.
Currently Fapws3 load the whole file before giving back the hand to
the python callback and the multipart object.
To optimise memory foot print, it should directly use the selected multipart object.


github: https://github.com/william-os4y/fapws3/
website: http://www.fapws.org/
PyPI: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/fapws3/0.9.dev

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