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Thu, Oct. 12th, 2006, 07:03 pm
1024 requests per second with a wsgi python web server

Yes, we can make fast web server with python!

I'm quite amazed to see the speed of the python web server I'm building: 1024#/sec!!!. (via ab2 -n3000 -c50)

My goal is to have the fastest python web server. After several research, trial, ... I've found apricot. If you look at my past posts, you'll see how fast it is.
Because this code contains errors and because the author does not answer to my mails, I've decided to start a new one from scratch; but still based on pyevent.
Then it will be easier to implement WSGI. This will them be the fastest WSGI web server ? ;-).

Because of libevent, this is an "event" web server. This could be seen has a drawback, but has several advantages too.

The tests were made between 2 machines connected via a switched network of 100Mb and by using ab2 (the Apache benchmark tool).

I'm exited by such performance result and was impatient to share it.

For sure, as soon as the code will be "polished", I'll make it available for everyone.