william_os4y (william_os4y) wrote,

Fapws3-0.10 is out

Despite lot of progress on the python3 branch, I propose a new release
of Fapws3 for python2.x.

Indeed, since 1 year (date of the last stable release), lot of new
features have been added into Fapws :-).
And several are coming from, you, the community !!! Thus, I first
thank all contributors (code, tests, ...).
This is a great achievement.
More specifically, I will thank Stiletto, Liu Qishuai and Keith for
their active contributions.

To make it short, this release comes with the following new features:
- support of tuple for callback output.
- support of socket. Thanks to this, Fapws3 is serving webpages via a
socket instead of a port.
- better support for OSX

You can download the tarfile from the github website:
Or directly via the following link:
Pypi users can grab it there too: pip install fapws3

As said in the mailinglist, the python3 version of Fapws3 is nearly
out (this release will be backward compatible with python2.7).
Thus I plan to have 2 parallel branches so that there is a need for
python2.5 or 2.6.
This will change in the following months, but currently Fapws3 for
python2.x is in the master branch.
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